beautiful tools with love

Streamlit is company of tinkerers, engineers, and scientists. We believe that machine learning engineers deserve blazingly fast, fun, and interactive tools. Together, we are building the world’s most beautiful tool for machine learning engineers. Join us!

Our founders

Streamlit was started by senior engineers, business people, and researchers from Google, Google X, and Twitter who have experience building large-scale products and well known open-source projects.

Adrien Treuille

Dr. Treuille has been a Zoox VP, Google X project lead, and Computer Science faculty at Carnegie Mellon. He has won numerous scientific awards, including the MIT TR35. Adrien has been featured in the documentaries What Will the Future Be Like by PBS/NOVA, and Lo and Behold by Werner Herzog.

Thiago Teixeira

Founder of Hangouts Chat at Google, and former tech lead manager of Hangouts web clients. Former tech lead of an AI project at Google X. He has a Ph.D. from Yale, and his research includes human behavior recognition in sensor networks and building a sensor-fusion middleware for the IoT.

Amanda Kelly

Amanda led both product and operations for several stealthy Google X projects and served as Director of Launch Operations for Zoox. She has run projects across autonomous vehicles, NLP, e-commerce and mobile hardware. Amanda has an MBA from Stanford GSB and holds several AV-related patents.

Our investors

We are backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley

Anna Patterson

Managing Director, Gradient Ventures

Glenn Solomon

Managing Partner, GGV Capital

James Cham

Partner, Bloomberg Beta

Elad Gil

Co-founder, Color Genomics

Daniel Gross

Co-founder, Cue
Partner, Y Combinator

Solomon Hykes

Co-founder and CEO, Docker

Jana Messerschmidt

Founder, #Angels
VP of Business Development, Twitter

Jake Klamka

CEO, Insight Data Science