Streamlit is a community-focused, open-source tool that helps engineers create beautiful, bespoke machine learning apps. Come help build a vibrant community where we actively listen to, engage with, and are influenced by our users!

What you’ll be doing

  • Crafting new Streamlit apps that show off how and why to use Streamlit
  • Working with users to craft and deploy their own apps
  • Writing great documentation, tutorials, and blogs
  • Enabling and supporting developers across Streamlit’s community platforms
  • Triaging, replicating and prioritizing bugs and feature requests from users
  • Product-managing new user features including writing specs, prioritizing with eng, testing with users, soliciting feedback, and tracking rollout
  • Disseminating feedback and metrics from community groups across the company
  • Participating in external events including hackathons and conferences
  • Developing course content for Streamlit’s academic partners and supporting those partners throughout rollout
  • Working actively with product, engineering and marketing to make the overall Streamlit experience better

What you bring

  • Expertise in supporting and growing developer communities
  • Experience writing tutorials, guides, API docs, sample apps
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skillz
  • A love of juggling multiple tasks, wearing many hats, and organizing various efforts
  • You’re a seasoned Pythonista

Level up bonus points

  • You have worked with open-source communities before
  • You’re already active in multiple online ML communities
  • You have used different tools and dev environments for data science / ML, such as iPython, Jupyter, RStudio, Shiny, Plotly, and Tensorboard
  • Experience with Docker, deploying servers, or frontend/backend development. These are helpful when communicating with users

We are an equal opportunity and family friendly employer and we highly value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
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Engineering at Streamlit

We’re an early stage startup so our engineers wear a number of hats, including: helping guide the direction of the product, interacting with customers, and helping optimize our internal processes.

We love what we do, so we tend to work hard — but we also value life outside of work: half of us have young children, some of us block our calendars to go running every day, one person has a kickass punk band, and another has dance performances every month. We like to make sure everyone has time to do the things they value the most.

Our stack

Streamlit is a multifaceted product composed of (1) a library that users run on their own computers/remote machines/containers, (2) a web app, and (3) a cloud service. We are built on Python, Protocol Buffers, JavaScript, React, ImmutableJS, AWS, GitHub, and CircleCI.