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Featured Components

Try out Streamlit Components created by the community, and add new functionality to your apps. Want to create your own?
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A chart


A lightweight interactive visualization tool to help AI researchers discover correlations and patterns in high-dimensional data using parallel plots and other graphical ways to represent information.

> pip install hiplot

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Facebook Research


Use the echarts package on your Streamlit apps.

> pip install streamlit-echarts

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spaCy building blocks and visualizers for Streamlit apps.

> pip install spacy-streamlit

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Pandas Profiling

Pandas profiling component for Streamlit.

> pip install streamlit-pandas-profiling


streamlit-embedcode is the easiest way to embed code snippets into your Streamlit app.

> pip install streamlit-embedcode

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Randy Zwitch

Streamlit Drawable Canvas

Do you like Quick, Draw? Well what if you could train/predict doodles drawn inside Streamlit?

> pip install streamlit-drawable-canvas

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Streamlit Ace Editor

Streamlit component featuring the Ace code editor.

> pip install streamlit-ace

Streamlit D3 Demo

Take a randomized array in Python, pass it to a React component and build a D3 chart over it with transitions.

> pip install streamlit-d3-demo

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Streamlit Bokeh Events

A streamlit component for bi-directional communication with bokeh plots.

pip install streamlit-bokeh-events

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Streamlit Component for rendering Folium maps.

pip install streamlit-folium

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Randy Zwitch

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